Sponsorship gives children the gift of hope-one child at a time. HOPE EMMANUEL ORPHANAGE achieves lasting impact for children through providing tools that support the physical, educational, and emotional needs of each child. Sponsorship aids in breaking the cycle of poverty for generations to come. As a Sponsor, you provide encouragement and hope for your sponsored child. If you would like to become a sponsor, please read the terms and conditions below: Payment & Renewal
  • You may pay for your sponsorship online at or by cash, check or credit/debit card.
  • HEO will notify you in advance when it is time to renew your sponsorship, unless you choose the recurring payment option.
  • If HEO does not receive your renewal payment, you will receive a notification email informing you that your account is overdue. A 2-month grace period will be provided, after which sponsorship will be considered terminated and the sponsored child returned to unsponsored status.
  • If your check does not clear due to insufficient funds, we will notify you and ask you to change your method of payment to Debit/Credit Card. All fees incurred will need to be reimbursed.
Assignment of Sponsored Children:
  • HEO reserves the right to change your sponsored child at any time. Sponsored children may be adopted, or families of sponsored children may also attain a level of income where they no longer require aid, at which point HEO will assign a new child. We will notify you of any change by email and work with you to find a new child to sponsor.
Terminating Your Sponsorship:
  • We encourage sponsors to support the same child throughout the course of their stay at HEO for as long as they are able. This allows children’s sponsorship to be uninterrupted and facilitates a relationship between the sponsor and the sponsored children. To ensure uninterrupted services to your sponsored child, a minimum sponsorship commitment of 12 months is required. Sponsorship cannot be terminated before this date.
  • If at any point you decide to discontinue your sponsorship, at least 3 months advance notice is required. Please contact HEO by email to provide advance notice.
To sponsor by check:
  1. Click here to download the application
  2. Send check through the mail and make all checks payable to: HOPE EMMANUEL ORPHANAGE
To sponsor by subscribing online, click below to begin: Donate

HOPE EMMANUEL ORPHANAGE accepts online payment. Please fill the form below with the correct amount and your information.