Our purpose is to provide opportunity, education, direction, and structure to children who are abandoned and neglected.


Our mission is to give hope and to secure the futures of children cast aside by society.


HOPE EMMANUEL ORPHANAGE will be the premier example of how orphanages around the world should function. Through prayer, love, and support, we will set the standard of care for orphaned children.

Our History

HOPE EMMANUEL ORPHANAGE provides a home environment where children are nurtured, loved, and educated. The children are cared for until they graduate from college, vocational school, or established in a business. We help each one to become independent successful adults.

Our Story

In October 2010, the vison for Hope Emmanuel Orphanage was conceived by the Holy Spirit of God, on the truth that there are children abandoned in hospitals and public places with no one to care for them. Some children have lost their parents to poverty or sickness while some are from disadvantaged homes and barely had anything to eat.

In 2015, with the guidance of the Osun State Ministry of Women’s Affairs and Children Services, the Architectural plan of the proposed building was completed and the construction work began.

On October 17, 2018, Hope Emmanuel Orphanage, located at AC6 Ebenezer street, Oke Omiru Ilesha in Osun State Nigeria, was dedicated to the glory of God and declared open, as a home to the motherless, disadvantaged, and abandoned children. On that very day of October 17, 2018, as the dedication ceremony of the Hope Emmanuel orphanage was being concluded and the ribbon cutting was ended, a newborn baby was found in a public toilet, fresh from the womb. The baby was picked up by the state social worker, to be brought to the orphanage.

Unfortunately, on the way to the orphanage, the social worker, with the baby in her arms, was knocked down by a vehicle. The Social worker suffered a fractured wrist and some head injuries, while the baby had no apparent injury. Both the Social worker and the baby were taken to the hospital for treatment and evaluation. The baby was uninjured as per medical report.

Baby Mercy became our first child admitted to Hope Emmanuel Orphanage. Baby Mercy grew up to be a beautiful, calm, intelligent, chubby baby who was later adopted into a beautiful, and loving home at the age of 5 months. We are grateful for being the foundation of Baby Mercy’s life.

The Hope Emmanuel Orphanage is serving children from age 0-13 years.

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